The airyrooms advertisement was expected to be in accordance with target audience. The consumers who were travelers needed cheap tickects and rooms.  In its advertisement, it showed that Airyrooms offered ease to consumers in getting cheap tickets and hotel rooms expected by them without going outside, gave discounts that were attractive and gave facilities benefiting the consumers. The objective of this study was to obtain information about the attractiveness of e-promotion, brand equity and e-trust on the reservation interest of airyrooms in Medan. It used lemeshow and accidental sampling consisting of 98 respondents who had ever made an online transaction for airyrooms. It can be concluded that brand Equity in this study is a variable affecting on the reservation interest of airyrooms in Medan. Thus, the airyrooms company should increase the positive brand equity in the eye of consumers by upholding its existed brand and keeping both its quality and quantity produced, so the people’s interest to book airyrooms getting higher.

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